Central Mass Adult Soccer League Rules

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Laws Of The Game:

CMASL uses the Laws of the Game as written by IFAB with the following changes:

Law 1: The Field of Play

              No changes

Law 2: The Ball

              No changes

Law 3: The Number of Players

              Unlimited number of substitutions are allowed. Either team may sub on any               throw-in. No other changes.

Law 4: The Players Equipment

              No changes (When there is a team uniform color conflict the HOME team MUST

              change color).

Law 5: Referee

              No changes (CMASL uses a Single Referee)

Law 6: The Assistant Referees

              No changes

Law 7: The Duration of the Match

              No changes

Law 8: The Start and Restart of Play

              No changes (All CMASL games are on Sundays and start as scheduled with a 15               minute 'Grace period'.

Law 9: The Ball In and Out of Play

              No changes

Law 10: The Method of Scoring

              No Changes

Law 11: Offside

               No changes

Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct

               No changes except for: Slide-Tackling.  CMASL is a Slide-Tackle Free League.

               Therefore, ALL Slide-Tackles are Fouls.

               The Penalty for an otherwise ‘IFAB legal’ Slide-Tackle: The player                committing a Slide-Tackle is given a Yellow Card and an Indirect Free-kick is                awarded to the opposing team. For a Slide-Tackle that would be a foul under                IFAB Rules there are no changes to the IFAB Rule.

                        Further explanation of the Slide-Tackle rule for Referees:

A slide in itself is NOT a foul, a Sliding-Tackle IS. A Slide that is committed outside of any opponents ‘playing distance’ is NOT a Sliding-Tackle. Any Sliding-Tackle that would otherwise be considered ‘LEGAL’ under IFAB rules is penalized with a Mandatory Yellow Card and an Indirect Free-Kick. Any Sliding-Tackle that would be considered ‘ILLEGAL’ under IFAB rules shall be penalized as per IFAB rules (No card, Yellow Card or Red card all at the discretion of the Referee and a Direct Free-Kick for the opponent).

Law 13: Free-Kicks

               No changes

Law 14: The Penalty Kick

              No changes

Law 15: The Throw-In

               Either team may sub on ANY teams throw-in. No other changes

Law 16: The Goal Kick

               No Changes

Law 17: The Corner Kick

               No changes