Central Mass Adult Soccer League Rules

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Laws Of The Game:

CMASL uses the Laws of the Game as written by IFAB with the following changes:

Law 1: The Field of Play

              No changes

Law 2: The Ball

              No changes

Law 3: The Number of Players

           Unlimited number of substitutions can be made on; (a) Goal Kick, (b) Goal

           Scored, (c) Half-Time, (d) Stoppage of play for injury and injured player is

           substituted, (e) Either team on Throw-ins.

Law 4: The Players Equipment

              No changes (When there is a team uniform color conflict the HOME team MUST

              change color).

Law 5: Referee

              No changes (CMASL uses a Single Referee)

Law 6: The Assistant Referees

              No changes

Law 7: The Duration of the Match

              No changes

Law 8: The Start and Restart of Play

              No changes (All CMASL games are on Sundays and start at 9:00 am)

Law 9: The Ball In and Out of Play

              No changes

Law 10: The Method of Scoring

              No Changes

Law 11: Offside

               No changes

Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct

               No changes except for: Slide-Tackling.  CMASL is a Slide-Tackle Free League.

               Therefore, ALL Slide-Tackles are Fouls.

               The Penalty for an otherwise ‘FIFA legal’ Slide-Tackle: The player committing

               a Slide-Tackle is given a Yellow Card and an Indirect Free-kick is awarded to

               the opposing team. For a Slide-Tackle that would be a foul under F.I.F.A. Rules

               there are no changes to the F.I.F.A. Rule.

                        Further explanation of the Slide-Tackle rule for Referees:

A slide in itself is NOT a foul, a Sliding-Tackle IS. A Slide that is committed outside of any opponents ‘playing distance’ is NOT a Sliding-Tackle. Any Sliding-Tackle that would otherwise be considered ‘legal’ under IFAB rules is penalized with a Yellow Card and an Indirect Free-Kick. Any Sliding-Tackle that would be considered ‘illegal’ under IFAB rules shall be penalized as per IFAB rules (Red or Yellow card as deemed necessary and a Direct Free-Kick, all at the discretion of the Referee).

Law 13: Free-Kicks

               No changes

Law 14: The Penalty Kick

              No changes

Law 15: The Throw-In

               Either team may sub on ANY throw-in. No other changes

Law 16: The Goal Kick

               No Changes

Law 17: The Corner Kick

               No changes